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My Peanut Butter Cup Obsession



I can barely look at the photos of these lil’ cuties without salivating! I told my husband the other day that peanut butter cups are my favorite food. He laughed. I was serious. Still am. Actually, I’m a self-proclaimed “PB Cup Expert”.

I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten more than any other human. My favorite always was the coveted Reese’s PB Cup. I loved it in its pristine state, made into ice cream, part of a sundae (F-r-i-e-n-dly, it’s Friendly’s in the summertime!), made into a pie, a cake, etc. What I loved about Reese’s was the peanut butter part. It has texture and is a little bit salty. Yum!

But I’ve tried others. Lot’s of wannabes. I was always disappointed in the peanut butter part. Often it was sickeningly sweet, too smooth of a texture and artificial tasting.

After becoming vegan I’ve tried some others (Justin’s and Newman’s Own) and enjoyed them but didn’t love them. THEN I found Alicia Silverstone’s recipe and bam! Damn! Hot diggity! Winner-winner- pb-cup’s-for-dinner!

I have no words for how delicious they are, just drool.

Goodbye Reese’s, I’ve outgrown you…