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Practically Vegan


I recently read an article where Carrie Underwood was interviewed and she called herself a “practical vegan”. I was intrigued but what she meant. She meant that she eats vegan but if she is served a dish that has some cheese sprinkled on top or around the edge of the plate, she doesn’t send it back, she deals with it. As someone who has a deep history of rigidity regarding food, I appreciated what she said.

Today I travelled to Florida (specifically Disney World) for a national meeting for work. At lunch I had a wonderful Tuna Nicoise salad sans tuna that was served with a beautiful slice of olive bread. As I took a bite of the delicious olive bread I could taste the butter. I ate it. Then I felt the regret. I’m new to vegan living and eating away from home presents challenges. Mostly that I don’t always know how things are prepared. So I had the choice of whether to let it go or dwell on it for eternity.

I let it go.