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Wtf? I mean really. Anyone who thinks we don’t have the right to know if our food is genetically modified is INSANE. 64 countries require the labeling of GMO containing food. Obviously absent, the good ole’ USA. Wtf?

The scientist are pissed because they don’t think the public needs to know about scientific intervention. Well when it’s going in my mouth, I damn well deserve to know.

I learned this week during the GMO mini-summit┬áthat genetically engineered seeds are made by the chemical companies (Monsanto, Dupont, Dow, Bayer,etc) and they are very expensive. Genetically modified cotton seeds have seen a 8000% increase in India. Because of this and the debt that farmers are forced to accrue, 50% of India’s farmers have committed suicide. What!?!?!?

I happen to be in a town that has a Whole Foods so tonight as I gathered some supplies for a hotel room dinner, I looked for products that called out they were GMO-free. It felt good to flip off “the man” (whomever that really is!).

Until there are studies that actually prove GMO’s are safe for consumption, I will avoid them the best that I can. In the meantime, “the man” is getting nervous, good for him!