Flying Vegan


My job as a corporate trainer causes me to travel alot. I have status with Delta and Southwest airlines and the gate agents now know me at my home airport. I know what all the dings mean on an airplane (the first indicating it is “now safe to use approved electronic devices”). As a vegan I am usually forced to check my luggage because I travel with a small cooler and ice pack unless I’m renting a car and will have time to shop. I’ve travelled across the entire country (from east to west coast) with a cooler full of greek yogurt (before going vegan!).

But the hardest part of it all is finding quality vegan food in an airport. Sure there’s tons of carbs to choose from (chips, bagels, pretzels) but I’m always looking for protein. Good luck! Tofu, never seen it. Tempeh, what’s that? Beans, maybe. Hummus, possibly.

I bring my own. I travel with baked tofu which happens to be made in Rochester, NY, about four hours from where I live so I tell myself I’m eating local when I eat it:) And I’ve been known to bring some baked tempeh along as well, it travels well.

Last week I even brought tofu into a restaurant while in St. Louis. Am I the only one that does this?



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