Regardless of which came first, I’m not eating eggs…



Jelly bean depiction of how many eggs a hen lays in an egg-laying facility(L) vs. how many she would lay naturally (R).

This is a big one for people. We know hens lay eggs naturally so why can’t we eat them? No animal is dying to produce your scrambled eggs right? Well actually they are. While it is true hens naturally lay eggs, what isn’t natural is the AMOUNT of eggs hens in egg-producing facilities lay. Often upwards of 300 per year. You see chickens like all birds lay eggs to create a clutch of eggs in a nest to then sit on and incubate. But if you take her egg away, she will lay another one, and another, etc. Couple that with the manipulation of light in these egg-producing facilities (simulating summer days, i.e. long hours of daylight) and you have the recipe for over 300 eggs a year and disaster.

What’s disastrous is her little body takes such a toll from laying all those eggs that she can only do that for a year or two. After that, she is considered a “spent” hen and either gassed to death or sent to slaughter for cheaper grades of meat. If you’ve ever seen one of these hens you’d see there is no “meat” on them.

And as if that wasn’t all enough (it really is!) she has done all this while being crammed in a cage (called a battery cage) with 5-10 other chickens, Not enough room to even spread her wings. She’d peck the other hens or herself out of frustration if she could, but you see her sensitive beak was cut (without any anesthetic) when she was just a baby chick. Free-range farms debeak their hens as well so those eggs are just as tarnished.

So living a life without eggs does pose it’s challenges, I won’t lie but the good outweighs the bad. Tofu scramble for breakfast. Flax eggs in recipes. Knowing that I’m not contributing to the suffering of these beautiful creatures makes it all worthwhile.


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